Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Review of "Wildguard Fire Power #1," comic written by Todd Nauck

 Review of

Wildguard Fire Power #1, comic written by Todd Nauck

Four out of five stars

An odd superhero tale intertwined with a reality TV show

 While the group of superheroes “borrows” a lot of features from other heroes, they do have a unique feature. In terms of sameness, Snapback has a body that stretches, Ignacia is capable of generating heat and flame, Freezerburn can generate both fire and ice, Lily Hammer is a hammer wielding maiden and Dandelion has super strength and endurance. However, the group has something completely different, Cordelia Hardman is the producer and media coordinator.

Wildguard is in fact a television show and their first battle is with the technologically enhanced Sophie Derringer, now called Gauntlette after her career change from a soap star. At first she wanted to be a superhero, but the purchasing of all her augmentations put her deep into debt, so she turned to crime in an attempt to pay it off. Gauntlette’s first statement when she faces the heroes is to say, “I’m on Wildguard? Great, where are the cameras.”

 The heroes have their own base and when they are not playing to the cameras, there is an unusual love interest. A super villain unexpectedly attacks, and the heroes respond, of course they win the battle, but in an unusual way. Despite, or maybe because of, the odd background scenario, the comic is interesting. If the heroes had powers that were a little more unique, I would have given it five stars.

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