Saturday, February 6, 2021

Review of "Civil War: A Marvel Comics Event in Seven Parts, 7" by Mark Millar et. al.

 Review of

Civil War: A Marvel Comics Event in Seven Parts, 7 by Mark Millar et. al.

Five out of five stars

Two factions of heroes face off

An increasingly paranoid United States government passes a law that all people with superhuman powers must register with the government. It does not matter if the powers are inherent or due to mechanical means. If you have superhuman powers and do not register, you are labeled as a dangerous criminal and incarcerated.

 One side, led by Tony Stark as Iron Man, is in favor of the registration, while there is another side, led by Captain America, that is not. The tensions are so strong that they flare up in open battle between the two factions. Those led by Captain America are imprisoned in the Negative Zone.

 This story opens with the imprisoned heroes being freed from the Zone and returned to normal Earth. This leads to a massive battle between the two factions near the Baxter Building, with blood flowing from the powerful punches being landed from hero to hero.

 I remain a staunch fan of the concept of the Civil War between the heroes. Having seen so much public paranoia in society, it seems odd that even the best intentioned of powerful heroes would be feared by a large percentage of the population. The registration concept with the incarceration of the non-compliant is a logical move. The story of hero versus hero with some changing sides based on the events is one that I read over and over again.

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