Thursday, February 4, 2021

Review of "Prophecy Book One," comic written by Ron Marz

 Review of

Prophecy Book One, comic written by Ron Marz

Five out of five stars

Massive amount of varied background context

 This comic opens with a man murdered in a museum after hours. He is a full-blood Mayan and he was attempting to steal a ceremonial dagger that is ancient Mayan when he was shot and killed by another person. The location is London in 1890 and the people on the scene of the crime are Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson and Inspector Lestrade.

 From that location, focus is immediately shifted to the Yucatan Peninsula in 632 A. D. where a human sacrifice is taking place. The priest is about to kill a man with what appears to be the same dagger. When the next person is brought forward to be sacrificed, it turns out to be Sonja, a fellow time traveler to the priest Kulan Gath. She battles hard and when Gath uses the power of the dagger to move forward in time, she latches on and is projected forward to the Yucatan Peninsula in 2012. It is here where she meets a black panther, the female Vampirella and Dracula himself.  

 All this introduction of major characters and different points in time creates a lot of anchor locations for a lengthy and involved story. For those unfamiliar with the two female leads, short biographies of Red Sonja and Vampirella appear at the end. A solid start to what is likely to be a dynamic story.

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