Thursday, February 18, 2021

Review of "Superman 75: The Death of Superman," DC comics

 Review of

Superman 75: The Death of Superman, DC comics

Five out of five stars

 This comic is the last in a series depicting a major event in the comic world, the actual death of Superman. No imaginary tale, no alternate universe, the mainstream Superman dies in defending the world against the incredibly powerful Doomsday. This is a storyline that took a great deal of courage to implement, for there is no greater icon of power and invulnerability than Superman.

 The story itself is carried out very well. There is the usual punch/counterpunch when super beings battle, but there is also the emotional anguish of Superman with his fear of failure and of the normal humans that fear for his safety. In one last powerful blow delivered by both sides, both Superman and Doomsday take each other down. In the true tradition of the human tragedy, Superman dies in the arms of his beloved.

 This is truly a classic of the comic world, it depicts an event that was revolutionary in the stories depicted in the comics. While the basic plot of the death of a hero goes back thousands of years, to kill off one such as Superman is an act of literary courage.

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