Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Review of "Dark Horse Presents Issue 2, Neal Adam’s Blood," produced by Dark Horse Comics

 Review of

Dark Horse Presents Issue 2, Neal Adam’s Blood, produced by Dark Horse Comics

Four out of five stars

10 cracked and demented stores

 The ten short stories in this comic cover a wide variety of situations, nearly all of which are bizarre and some of which are apocalyptic. The most “normal” story is about a female detective that is searching for a criminal she calls “Perpetrator Zero.” In the time-honored tradition of the genre, she has been pulled off cases and is being ridiculed by her co-workers for her beliefs.

 There is a parody of the superhero genre called, “Tales of Mr. Monster” that looks like it was right out of the heavily regulated late fifties. At first I thought it had the comics code authority symbol, but once I read it closely, I saw that the text is, “Ignored by the comics code authority.” No collection of demented short comic stories is complete without one featuring zombies. In this case, there are rival gangs that hire bizarre mercenaries to do their murderous dirty work.

 Unpredictable with odd and unusual twists on many of the primary plots of books and stories, this collection will keep you uncertain as you follow the storyline paths. I whiffed when it came to guessing how the stories would end.

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