Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Review of "Superman Action Comics 958: Path of Doom," DC comics

 Review of

Superman Action Comics 958: Path of Doom, DC comics

Five out of five stars

Alternative universe action and reaction

 The context is that Doomsday is back, Superman goes to meet him, Clark and Superman co-exist and Luthor has a super suit exoskeleton and claims to be the heir to Superman. The reason that he can do this is that it is known by all that Superman was killed by Doomsday. It is also common knowledge that Clark Kent is Superman.

 When Doomsday arrives, Superman goes to meet him and discovers that he is apparently more powerful and more tactically sound that he was before. Luthor arrives in the super suit and aids Superman in the fight. As much as he hates to admit it, in this battle Superman needs Luthor in order to stand up to Doomsday, if nothing else as a distraction.

 The battle is joined, people get in the way and Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen act as reporters, putting themselves in danger in order to get the story. There is also a young boy that has some form of Superman-like powers that flies to the assistance of Superman and a mysterious mastermind that appears to be behind the reappearance of Doomsday.

 This is a great story in all respects, the context for the battle between Superman and his greatest foe is established and the longtime enemies of Superman and Lex Luthor are now allies in fighting a foe that neither one can handle alone.

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