Saturday, February 13, 2021

Review of "Star Trek The Tabukan Syndrome," episode 40 of the comic book series

 Review of

Star Trek The Tabukan Syndrome, episode 40 of the comic book series

Five out of five stars

The trap is closed on Federation enemies

 In this story, James Kirk is in command of the Enteprise and Zulu is in command of the Excelsior. There have been massive explosions at the Tabukan arsenal and Zulu sends a message to the Enterprise requesting assistance. Zulu informs Kirk that all casualties have been evacuated and the Excelsior is moving a safe distance away from the arsenal in case the remaining munitions explode.

 The Maroans are a race with starships that have made an alliance of convenience with the Romulans. Brekara is the leader of the Maroans and is aboard a Romulan ship. The plan is to have a Maroan assault force attack the arsenal and take control of all the remaining Federation weapons with the Romulans standing by.

 However, Kirk and Zulu have in fact set a trap for the Maroans, the assault is quickly thwarted and the Romulans reach the immediate conclusion that they must withdraw. The Romulan commander also reaches the conclusion that an alliance with the Maroans is unrealistic.

 This is the conclusion of a six-part story. The trap is well played, Kirk and Zulu demonstrate that there are no star ship commanders that are better than they are. It is a good story, a worthy addition to the continuing original series saga.

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