Saturday, February 27, 2021

Review of "How to Make Money Blogging," by Bob Lotich

 Review of

How to Make Money Blogging, by Bob Lotich ISBN 9780989894500

Three out of five stars

No depth, several self-references

 With only 53 pages that includes the title pages and TOC and containing a lot of whitespace, this book is extremely short. That is not a problem if the text is dense with valuable data, that is not the case here. I have been writing online for over twenty years and have done well at it.

 This book is for beginners, there are many links to online tools with recommendations to use or avoid. Some of the advice is very sound, such as the recommendation that you first hone your skills by writing insightful and meaningful comments about what others have written. Nevertheless, the content in this book is best read online through observation, contributions and reading tips written by other bloggers. The book is easily read and has value but can be done without.

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