Monday, February 15, 2021

Review of "Adam-12 10," by Western Publishing

 Review of

Adam-12 10, by Western Publishing

Four out of five stars

Comic adaptation of a classic television series

The  Adam-12 television show featured two police officers on patrol and the situations they encountered. It was rather low-key in the area of violence and it introduced the public to police jargon. The stories were true with a bit of poetic license thrown in and the goal was to depict the job of a police officer as realistically as possible. Therefore, there was a lot of relative dead time in the sense that there was a lot of routine and mundane police work.

 This comic is an adaptation of the series and it adheres to the basic format of the show. One bullet is fired by a villain and the officers are depicted as showing great restraint in returning fire for fear of hitting the innocent.

There are two stories in this comic, one is about an art fence that accepts stolen property for resale. The other features a villain that steals a cab and uses it to rob wealthy passengers. Both are very much in the seventies comic universe in terms of the language and in all cases they are depicted as good cops where no moral ambiguity can be inferred.

 A simple comic about a classic television show, this is a look back to a time when comics and television was nowhere near the cutting edge.

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