Monday, February 22, 2021

Review of "Dark Horse Presents # 8 Series 2: The Massive," by Brian Wood and Kristian Donaldson

 Review of

Dark Horse Presents # 8 Series 2: The Massive, by Brian Wood and Kristian Donaldson

Five out of five stars

Ten short stories, all in a dark mood

 The name of the publisher fits the mood of these short stories. All are dark and feature bad things that have happened or seem inevitable. The range of what has gone wrong is considerable, for example the first story has as a backdrop some form of global apocalypse that has led to the death of millions of people. Britain seems to have been hit particularly hard, for it is mentioned that large numbers of people are leaving. Another features sets of talking animals, one set is composed of dogs and one cat and the other is a small herd of sheep. Otherwise, all appears normal until it is revealed that the sheep died in a barn fire.

 There is a brutal fight over demonic possession of a recently killed man, the chronicles of a brutal mercenary, a pseudo-Tarzan, a freak of nature that is repeated in the introduction of a serial story, a bizarre time loop involving cloning and a murderous granny. There are no happy endings here and little in the way of happy beginnings.

 The stories are dark, often brutal, yet oddly riveting. If you are looking for a mood uplifter or some yuks, this is not the literature for you. Yet, if you find the macabre and bizarre oddly refreshing, then these stories will work for you.

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