Saturday, February 27, 2021

Review of "Asterix the Gaul," written by Rene Goscinny

 Review of

Asterix the Gaul, written by Rene Goscinny ISBN 9780752866055

Five out of five stars

Amusing parody constructed largely of puns

 The context of this graphic novel is that the armies of Rome have conquered nearly all of Gaul in 50 BC. The only section that remains free of Roman control is a village on the ocean surrounded by four fortified Roman camps. The Romans very much want to take over, but they are held in check largely by Asterix, a tiny Gaul that consumes a magic potion that makes him very powerful. He is capable of knocking the heads of entire groups of the toughest Roman soldiers.

The names are humorous, for example there is Getafix, the Druid that makes the magic potion, Cacofonix is the Gaullic musician, Obelix is a giant, very strong Gaul, there is a Roman soldier named Crismus Bonus and Caligula Minus, the Roman spy. The dialog and situations are generally over the top. For example, when he is captured, Asterix says, “I’ll be loquacious all right! I’ll loquace like no one ever loquaced before!”

 A fun read all around, this nonsense bears reading and rereading. Although there are times when you have to look and read closely to catch all the gags.

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