Saturday, February 13, 2021

Review of "Nick of Time," season 2, episode 7 of the Twilight Zone

 Review of

Nick of Time, season 2, episode 7 of the Twilight Zone

Three out of five stars

Shatner is unable to pull this one out

 This episode stars William Shatner of Star Trek the original series and Patricia Breslin as a newlywed couple driving through the country. When the fuel pump goes out in their car in a small town in Ohio, they are told it will take 3 to 4 hours before it is fixed. To pass the time, they go into a small café for lunch.

 When they sit down in a booth they see a napkin dispenser with a slot for pennies. If you deposit a penny, ask a yes or no question and press a lever, you will get a slip of paper with a fortune written on it. The Shatner character quickly becomes enamored of the machine, asking it questions about his career and future life, including where the couple will live. Nearly all the answers are the vague, indeterminate type that are subject to personal interpretation.

 Nevertheless, the Shatner character grows to believe in the machine, even though every outcome could have simply been coincidental. Finally, his wife grows so frustrated with him that she begins to protest and insist that they leave the town when they learn that their car is repaired. There is no real suspense or tension here, although there is a hint at the end that there is perhaps more to the town than was indicated earlier.

 I paid very close attention to Shatner in this role. Those experienced in watching the Star Trek original series will note several mannerisms where Shatner does more than is necessary. It is easy to see the future Captain Kirk, yet that is not enough to save what is a rather dull episode.

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