Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Review of "All-New Ultimates 004," comic by Marvel

 Review of

All-New Ultimates 004, comic by Marvel

Four out of five stars

Story targeted at teen girls

 Even though they have a variety of superpowers and are capable of defeating some of the worst super villains, the four females featured in this story are very much human women. They go to the beach and once down to their skimpy bathing suits, they enjoy the sun and water and talk about their lives and relationships with boys and the world.

 While there, they are hit on by young men doing what young men generally do when they encounter attractive females. Proving that they are just like normal girls, one responds to the male advance with, “. . . there are creeps everywhere. They’re not even that cute.”

 There are only a few demonstrations of superpowers, mostly by the male Spider-Man in the guise of Miles Morales. He is transporting his friend Ganke across town as only he can. The story ends in a sad cliffhanger where the friend of one of the superpowered girls runs afoul of some ruthless villains. The stage is set for some dramatic actions by the females with powers as they work to defeat the villains.

 This is a demonstration of the ways in which the audience for comics can be expanded. They talk and act like girls and dress their beautiful bodies so that the males in the vicinity will notice them.

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