Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Review of "Bullets and Bracelets #1: Final Thrust," DC comics

 Review of

Bullets and Bracelets #1: Final Thrust, DC comics

Five out of five stars

Two heroes join together in more than one way

 Rogue Amazon Diana Prince and Trevor Castle, also known as the Punisher, have joined forces in more than one way. The story opens with them battling with members of a gang known as the Hand. They are ruthless, the only way to defeat them is to kill some of them. Diana and Trevor also have a personal history that is even more significant. They are the parents of an infant that has been kidnapped and now resides in the Granny Harkness orphanage, the place where the ruling elite of Apokolips are raised. It is a place where the children are “pounded into shape.”

 During downtime in the fight and sometimes even when the bullets are flying, Diana and Trevor bicker. They seem unable to put aside their differences for a moment, uniting only when they face Thanoseid, their primary foe. This confrontation is only after they deal with those that fight in the name of Thanoseid. In the end, Diana and Trevor are sent to an alley of significance in their lives, where they reach a possible conclusion.

  The story is gritty, a bit gory in terms of what happens to members of the Hand and the bickering between Diana and Trevor does grow a bit stale. Yet, in the end they do what parents do, which is what the reader knew all along would happen. This is a great team-up in more ways than one. The idea of offspring of superheroes in the normal biological manner always makes for interesting storylines.

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