Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Review of "Sgt. Rock 383, A Piece of Paradise," DC comics, December 1983

 Review of

Sgt. Rock 383, A Piece of Paradise, DC comics, December 1983

Five out of five stars

Great warrior yearns for peace

In war literature Sgt. Rock is almost unique. While he fits the definition of super soldier in that he is very good at what he does, Rock is always thinking along the lines of, “Why must this be done?” He reminds you of the political adage, “Those who fought in war are often the strongest proponents of peace.”

 In the title story, Rock is separated from Easy Company and falls unconscious into a mountain village that has been spared the ravages of the war in Europe. When he wakes up his uniform and weapons are gone, and he is clad in a local male outfit right out of a German Oktoberfest ad. He is told that he no longer needs his devices of war. While war does not come to the village, Rock eventually gets his equipment back and rejoins the fight.

 So many characters in the war literature are depicted as enjoying their role in the world. No so with Sgt. Rock, his thoughts on what he is doing are worthy of the most advanced philosopher. If only all the warriors and those who send them into battle thought as much about it as he does.

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