Monday, February 22, 2021

Review of "Fantastic Four 284," Revolution!, Marvel Comics Group

 Review of

Fantastic Four 284, Revolution!, Marvel Comics Group

Five out of five stars

The oppressed rise up

 The premise of this story is that Ben Grimm has quit the Fantastic Four and the She-Hulk has taken his place. However, the story opens with the She-Hulk acting like a meek and terrified slave and is being cruelly treated by a vicious overseer. She is begging for food and water along with some emaciated slaves that are being worked to death.

 She-Hulk then encounters Pearla, the former queen of the upper world. She reveals to She-Hulk that her kingdom was taken over by the Psycho-man, a villain with the ability to manipulate powerful emotions of fear and terror. She-hulk and the rest of the Fantastic Four are under the influence of Psycho-man. Pearla begs She-hulk to snap out of her fearful state, at first to no avail.

 The wicked overseer comes back and injures Pearla, snapping the She-hulk back to normal. When Pearla sees a crowd of overseers blocking their path and expresses concern, She-hulk simply says, “No problem” and makes it so.

 The rest of the Fantastic Four work together to defeat the Psycho-man and make sure that he will never again be a threat to anyone. The story ends with Sue Richards making a definitive statement about her future role in the Fantastic Four.

 This is a great story featuring She-hulk, one of my favorite comic characters. She is a strong woman in the literal and figurative sense and in my opinion the perfect replacement for Ben Grimm. While she lacks some of the humorous bent of Grimm, in her own way she is just as talented at spouting the one-liners that make light of the darkest moments.

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