Thursday, February 25, 2021

Review of "1602 Part Two," by Neil Gaiman

 Review of

1602 Part Two, by Neil Gaiman

Five out of five stars

Interesting and unusual rendering of the Marvel characters

 It is Elizabethan times where witchcraft is a clear and present danger from the leaders to the masses. Anyone with an unusual appearance or significant capabilities is in constant danger of being accused of practicing witchcraft. The British colony of Roanoke has been established in North America and Virginia Dare, the first child born in the colony, is to travel to England to meet her majesty, the Queen of England.

 Sir Nicholas Fury is an agent of the crown, working in intelligence. He encounters Carlos, a wheelchair bound man that runs a home for young people with unusual talents. As was always the case in those times, the rulers of the various sections of Europe are engaged in intrigue and manipulation against each other. Dom Daniel, an Inquisition figure in Spain, employs Wanda and Petros as his talented servants, for they retain their powers. In the land of Latveria, Count Otto von Doom is sending his agents in a quest for information and associated treasure.

All of these are easily recognized as modified characters from the modern Marvel universe. The background for the story has been very well developed, and it is clear that the misplaced individuals are in great danger. For their new world is a very dangerous one, where the slightest hint of unusual powers or even expressing an opinion contrary to dogma can get you ostracized or killed. The reader develops a strong interest in reading the entire story.

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