Saturday, February 6, 2021

Review of "Robocop versus Terminator," comic by Frank Miller and Walter Simonson

 Review of

Robocop versus Terminator, comic by Frank Miller and Walter Simonson

Five out of five stars

A natural pairing of adversaries

 Robocop is a powerful cyborg, capable of inflicting and absorbing an enormous amount of punishment. The first terminator was a human skin over a robot body, so the same could be said about it. Since Robocop is an officer of the law and ostensibly one of the good guys and Skynet, the controller of the terminators wants to obliterate the human species, the two of them are naturally at odds. Furthermore, Robocop is an entity capable of going one-one-one with a terminator.

 A group of terminators is in town amidst the same timeframe and they are there to kill a woman in a hospital bed that knows of their existence. Robocop meets her, hears her story and becomes convinced that they exist and will be coming for her. Understanding that, Robocop enlists the aid of one of the police robots and they make their stand at the hospital.

 There is a violent battle with powerful weapons as well as hand-to-hand combat. Robocop understands that he must defend the woman at all costs, the very survival of the human species is at stake. It is a great battle, just made for a screen version.

 One of the problems with the terminator movies is that the humans are at such a disadvantage, for they cannot physically stand against a terminator. Most of the time, all they can do is run. In this case, the cyborg Robocop can, making the fight equivalent to the popular superhero-against-supervillain staple of comics and a series of popular movies. It is a great story.

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