Saturday, February 13, 2021

Review of "The Prime Mover," season 2 episode 21 of the Twilight Zone

 Review of

The Prime Mover, season 2 episode 21 of the Twilight Zone

Three out of five stars

Very predictable and uninteresting outcome

 Ace Larson and his partner Jimbo Cobb are co-owners of a small café in Nevada. There is a single slot machine near the door and Ace plays it often in an attempt to make a quick score. Ace’s girlfriend works as a waitress and has not been paid for some time. The two men share a simple room, so it is clear that they have very little money.

 One night a car overturns and lands next to an electrical power transmitter. With the hot wires on the car and sparking, there is nothing that Ace can do. However, Jimbo demonstrates the ability to move objects using only his mind. When Ace is convinced that the power is genuine, he immediately contacts his girlfriend and the three of them go to Las Vegas.

 Jimbo’s power is indeed genuine and Ace wins massive amounts of money at the gaming table. Ace completely ignores his girlfriend, and she rebels at the change in Ace over his ability to win at the games. Ace is completely caught up in his success and he contacts the most well known high roller that is in town and finds another girl. Even though Jimbo objects and tells Ace that he is getting tired, Ace simply ignores him.

 The obvious happens at the big game and then there is the predictable ending where all are back at the café. To many, this is a happy ending, to others, not so much. This is a story that has appeared many times with many different paths to the temporary success. In this case it is not well played with nothing in the way of tension.

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