Thursday, February 4, 2021

Review of "JLA 17: Prometheus Unbound!," comic written by Grant Morrison

 Review of

JLA 17: Prometheus Unbound!, comic written by Grant Morrison

Five out of five stars

A powerful villain that exploits JLA inherent weaknesses

 This story opens with Prometheus having taken control of the JLA Watchtower on the Moon. In addition to the JLA members present, there are one hundred members of the media there and the oxygen supply is burning off into space. Green Lantern, Steel, Flash and Batman are incapacitated, and Prometheus is bragging about how the detailed dossier’s that he has on the JLA members has allowed him to exploit their weaknesses.

 Superman and Wonder Woman are still standing up against Prometheus and he brags about how there is only one way off the Watchtower, and he knows of and controls it. With death of all except Superman and Prometheus imminent, Prometheus states that he will let them all go if Superman vows to kill himself. That way, Prometheus will be known as the one who ultimately bested the Man of Steel.

 The solution to this apparently unavoidable death trap is worthy of the locked room logic puzzles. It is one that requires each JLA member to recognize and overcome their exploited weakness. Order in the Watchtower is eventually restored and the JLA is ready to take on the next challenge. This is a story based on brains and brawn, a characteristic of the best stories in the comics.

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