Sunday, February 28, 2021

Review of "G. I. Zombie 3," DC Comics

 Review of

G. I. Zombie 3, DC Comics

Five out of five stars

Minor crime investigation becomes a major disaster

 There is a major gunrunning operation in and around Sutterville, Tennessee and federal officials are investigating. Unknown to them, they are far more well-entrenched and funded than the usual such groups. In retaliation for the investigation, the criminal group launches a missile that strikes an animal hospital. It contains an extremely deadly bioweapon that turns all creatures that encounter it into mindless zombies. This includes snakes, dogs, cats and humans. To make matters even worse, once another creature is bitten, it is also turned into a zombie and that is independent of species. Therefore, the unleashing of the weapon is an act of apocalyptic annihilation.

 The government has a man on the scene that is invulnerable to the zombie influence and is in contact with the federal officials, including the army commanders. He is able to meet the mayor and learn the basic layout of connections the town has with the rest of the country. Given his information, the federal forces are preparing to mount a quarantine and counterattack.

 I am generally of the opinion that there has been far too much emphasis on the zombie in recent literature. While some of it is quite good, in too many cases it is simply bandwagon minimal quality storytelling. Not so with this one, there are clearly powerful forces driving the world to destruction. Certainly, far more than simple small-town and rural gunrunners.

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