Thursday, May 31, 2018

Review of "Review Arithmetic Practice Book 2 Decimals, Percentage and Arithmetic in Daily Life," by the United States Armed Forces Institute

Review of
Review Arithmetic Practice Book 2 Decimals, Percentage and Arithmetic in Daily Life, by the United States Armed Forces Institute

Five out of five stars
 Published in 1940, this book is a fascinating look back into the general education of people in the U. S. military at a time when World War II was raging in Europe and Asia, but the United States was not yet involved. It is meant to be a review of basic arithmetic and how it is used in routine operations.
 This book is a workbook containing small sets of exercises designed to test the reader’s understanding of the operations as well as their ability to carry them out. Answers to all the questions are given at the end.
 The Allied victory in World War II was achieved by production and science and technology applied to the development of new devices for making war. There was substantial technical progress during the war years, witness the production of jet planes, war rockets and the atomic bomb. This book is a look into the general math skills that the U. S. military needed in its’ ranks during that critical time.

Review of "The Heart for Baseball," by Marion Renick

Review of
The Heart for Baseball, by Marion Renick

Four out of five stars
 While this book has the obligatory plot thread of a team considered to be a long shot managing to play and defeat the heavily favored team in the big game at the end, there is no dramatic final inning that has been built to over several pages. The winning of the championship is presented as a relatively low-key event.
 Scooter is a boy that loves baseball and there are many signs of spring, even though there are still small piles of snow and ice. Although the boys want to make plans for playing baseball on a regular basis, they have no field to play on, little in the way of equipment and no organizational structure to organize teams. However, the boys do have a great deal of enthusiasm and heart.
 The real point of this story is how a community comes together to create not only a set of diamonds where the boys can play each other, but a complete little league organization. Once they learn about the desire the boys have to play baseball, local business and community leaders step up to support and fund several leagues, a stadium with dugouts, stands and eventually a clubhouse with showers and other, more professional facilities.
 There is little tension in this book, yet it is a satisfying read. It is about a community rallying around a common endeavor to makes things better for the children in the city. A league of their own, to keep them occupied and entertained while school is out for the summer.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Review of Xlhama Replacement Battery for iP 5 with all repair Kit Tools and Instruction

Review of
Xlhama Replacement Battery for iP 5 with all repair Kit Tools and Instruction

Five out of five stars
 It took a long time to run this item through all of what it is expected to do. How it charges up and how long a charge lasts can be evaluated in a short time. I can report that this battery holds a comparable amount of power to other batteries once it is full charged.
 For many, the differentiating factor is how the battery performs over time, specifically how the charge/recharge cycle degrades over time. All batteries wear out, requiring more time to recharge while not holding as much power. The battery that lasts all day reaches the point where it cannot be counted on to last even part of the day.
 After months of working with this battery, there was a degradation in the amount of charge it will hold, but nothing significant. If you are looking for a replacement battery for your iPhone 5, this one will hold a significant charge and maintain that level after being recharged for months. The package also contains the tools you need to perform the replacement operation.