Sunday, May 6, 2018

Review of "Only the End of the World Again," by Neil Gaiman et. al.

Review of
Only the End of the World Again, by Neil Gaiman et. al. ISBN 9781506706122

Five out of five stars
 The tone of this graphic novel matches the name of the publisher, “Dark Horse.” The main character is a werewolf and you know how graphic and dark it will be in the first two pages. The main character wakes up in an unheated room in a dilapidated building with a severe case of nausea. When he vomits on the bathroom floor, there are tiny human fingers in the output.
 His human life miserable and with other supernatural or bizarre creatures in his environment, this is a story about how a pseudo-human interacts with his world. With a dumpy-looking middle-aged male body, there are no redeeming qualities to his existence. Unless you count that he may have eliminated creatures that are a greater danger than he is. Which is a high bar.
 This story is dark, written and drawn so well that it is easy to imagine the various stenches that surround the main character. While not a cheerful read, this book is gruesomely entertaining.

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