Saturday, May 12, 2018

Review of "Hey, Diddle Diddle," by Kin Eagle

Review of
Hey, Diddle Diddle, by Kin Eagle ISBN 1580890075

Five out of five stars
 As the title suggests, this book is an expression of many of the classic nursery rhymes. In this case, the author and illustrator have demonstrated a great deal of positive creativity in their adaptations. There are several related, yet distinct rhymes that have the same pattern as the opening “Hey, Diddle Diddle . ..“ modification.
 For example, there is the short:
“The cow was out grazing
When just then – amazing!
She suddenly leaped to the moon.”
 The illustrations are very colorful and deeply expressive, especially in the faces of the creatures, most of which are animals and animated objects. Written at the level of the preschool child, this is a book that children will want to have read to them over and over again.

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