Thursday, May 24, 2018

Review of "Hitler’s Britain: What Hitler Had in Store for Occupied Britain," DVD version

Review of
Hitler’s Britain: What Hitler Had in Store for Occupied Britain, DVD version

Five out of five stars
 While this video engages in a major “What if?” alternative history, very little speculation is needed. Actual German documents are cited, but they are not needed to discern how the Germans would have treated the British had they been able to successfully invade the main British island.
 All one must do is look at how the Germans acted in the western countries of the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Denmark. At first, the German soldiers behaved with utmost politeness towards the population as they incrementally brought them into the service of the Reich. Jews and other “undesirables” were identified, rounded up into concentrated areas and then, when the time was considered appropriate, sent to the extermination camps of Eastern Europe.
 The conclusions in the video are all plausible, because they happened in all other occupied countries. The most disturbing possibility is that England was conquered, the Soviet Union knocked out of the war, Germany develops a nuclear weapon with the means to deliver it to the United States and therefore the world becomes truly divided.
 The western hemisphere of North and South America would have become the American hemisphere of influence while Europe and some of Asia would be dominated by Germany. Japan would have controlled all east Asia and the battles over more territory would likely have taken place in Africa.
 This is a very good video, alternative history at its best. Plausible and likely if only a few events had turned out differently. The Battle of Britain, the defeat of the German Luftwaffe over England, was achieved by approximately 3,000 fighting men in the RAF. Therefore, the events depicted in this video easily could have happened.

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