Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Review of "The Walking Dead Volume 25: No Turning Back," by Robert Kirkman et. al.

Review of
The Walking Dead Volume 25: No Turning Back, by Robert Kirkman et. al. ISBN 9781632156594

Five out of five stars
 Despite all the trials that Rick Grimes has faced since the great plague hit the human race, in this volume, he may be facing the greatest threat to the civilization that he has rebuilt. As has been the case through much of the series, it is the fundamentals of human nature that is the greatest threat to the survival of the human species. Tribalism, intense emotions, hatred of “others” and raw personal ambition are strong enough to overcome what should be a common goal. Keeping the undead in check and rebuilding civilization so that the human race will survive the greatest calamity it has faced.
 There are two main challenges in this volume and they are a threat to Rick personally as well as the villages that have been created under his leadership. One is internal and the other external. The external threat is from the people that call themselves “Whisperers.” They have donned the skins of the undead so that they can move with them, they communicate only by whispering so they will not be detected.
 The internal threat is a challenge to Rick’s leadership, two people in his village that are unhappy with his response to the external threat decide to do harm to him. While they severely injure him, they discover that he is far tougher and resourceful than they thought possible. When Rick Grimes fights, he fights to win.
 When this volume ends, there is no doubt that a battle for the survival of the human race is about to begin. It is now clear that the leader of the Whisperers is ruthless in her desire to remain in control of her group and now Rick has reached the point where he understands that both groups cannot co-exist.  Despite all the challenges and tense moments in the series so far, it is clear that the climax is commencing.

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