Saturday, May 26, 2018

Review of "Rhymes Round the World," compiled by Kay Chorao

Review of
Rhymes Round the World, compiled by Kay Chorao ISBN 9780525423614

Five out of five stars
In this book, the word “rhymes” should be prefaced by the word “nursery.” For the short segments of prose generally do not rhyme, but reference circumstances that will trigger the imagination of the child being wound down for the evening.
 As the title implies, the verses are from all around the world, all are short and have a specific message. One of the most powerful tactics that could be used when a parent is reading them to a child is to have a globe present. The reader could then identify the country of origin of the verse, teaching the child some geography while they enjoy the short stories.
 Had this book existed when my daughter was young, I would have read it to her and I am sure that she would have wanted to hear it many times.

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