Saturday, February 20, 2021

Review of "Star Trek Mirror Image Issue 2," comic by IDW Publishing

 Review of

Star Trek Mirror Image Issue 2, comic by IDW Publishing

Five out of five stars

An extension of the most interesting STOS episode

 Since I watched it for the first time, it has been my hope that there would be a sequel to the Star Trek Original Series episode, “Mirror, Mirror.” That statement by the Spock of the Empire universe to Captain Kirk, “I shall consider it,” is one of the best pseudo cliffhangers in all of entertainment. Unfortunately, such events have been restricted to print media.

 This comic is a prequel to the events of “Mirror, Mirror.” Captain Pike is alive and commands the Enterprise. James T. Kirk is but an ambitious officer making plans to take command. Dr. McCoy has not been on the ship for long and this installment opens with Pike putting pressure on McCoy to find information on Kirk.

 Intrigue and deception is carried out by all the officers, McCoy is playing a bit of a double game, Spock appears loyal to Pike and Scotty is clearly allied with Kirk. There is an elaborate swap with the Orions, they have dilithium crystals while the Enterprise has phasers. The swap is made, but Kirk’s real interest is in what the three slave women are wearing.

 This story is a look into the sheer ruthlessness of the officers of the Empire of the other universe. Friends and allies are transitory, existing only as long as the relationship is deemed profitable. Loyalty to a superior officer is non-existent and we see the hints of how Kirk will be able to take command by assassination of Captain Pike. It is a great story that should have been told decades before it appeared.

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