Thursday, December 3, 2020

Review of "Fantastic Four 511," written by Mark Waid

 Review of

Fantastic Four 511, written by Mark Waid

Five out of five stars

Superb and oddly self-referential ending

 This is part three (of three) of one of the most unusual stories featuring the Fantastic Four or any other comic book characters. Ben Grimm has been “killed,” his body is being kept alive by Reed Richards’ machines. The story opens with the Fantastic Four, with Grimm as a human, at what are supposed to be the gates to heaven. Yet, they bear the unmistakable signs of having been designed by Reed Richards.

 After a bit of quizzing and some internal fighting, they manage to pass the test and the doors are opened for the admittance of all four. They pass through a bizarre space of geometric objects until they arrive at the residence of the Supreme Being. In what is one of the greatest twists ever to appear in comics, they find that the mighty one is not what they thought, but still from their perspective all-powerful.

 I loved this comic so much that when I finished it, I went back to the beginning and read it again. It starts slowly but has one imaginative ending.

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