Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Review of "The Adventures of Superman: Life After Death!"

 Review of

The Adventures of Superman: Life After Death!

Five out of five stars

More than a simple rebirth

 In a previous story, Superman went head to head against the powerful villain Doomsday with the result being that they beat each other to death. This caused the entire world to mourn and led to Superman’s (Clark Kent) father, Jonathan Kent having a severe heart attack. There was a major funeral for Superman and his body was placed in a tomb.

 Much of this story has Jonathan and Superman being in some sort of limbo with angelic/demonic creatures and Jonathan experiencing flashbacks to his time in the Korean War. Superman is supposedly back on Krypton and is being transported in a sedan chair. While on Earth, there appears to be little hope that Jonathan will survive.

 Several other storylines are briefly presented, including a budding gang war where extremely powerful weapons are being used by one side led by a strong villainess. Crime continues to rise when suddenly a creature invulnerable to bullets bearing a resemblance to Superman appears. However, unlike Superman, he does not hesitate to kill humans. No explanation of his origin is given.

 There is a lab where a clone has been created and has escaped confinement. He has the appearance of a teenager, the costume of a Superman and at least some of the powers. The last panel features what appears to be a combination of Superman and machine.

 With all of this context supplied and only partially described/explained there are many paths that could be followed in the continued development of this storyline. It is one of the most imaginative potential rebirth stories ever created.

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