Saturday, December 19, 2020

Review of "Marvel: House of M, 2 of 8"

 Review of

Marvel: House of M, 2 of 8

Five out of five stars

Reality is an unstable concept

 This is the second in an eight issue series that features Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch in the throes of mental instability. Her powers are so great that she is capable of altering reality. Professor Xavier has been using his mental powers to try to keep her in check, but that hold is slipping away. In the first episode, Professor X called together the X-Men and Avengers to discuss whether or not she should be killed before the damage to reality becomes too great.

 In this episode, there is sometimes very little text, but the reader familiar with the Marvel universe will recognize how altered reality is. Steven Rogers (Captain America) is an old man that children refer to as “the old dude.” Scott Summers’ girlfriend says she is going to meet with the little Richards boy today, his parents were astronauts killed in an accident. Stephen Strange has a Ph. D. in psychology, and Henry Pym and Hank McCoy work in a Tony Stark lab and McCoy is no longer covered in blue fur. Wolverine is experiencing wild bouts of mental instability, seeming to bounce in and out of what is the new reality.

 This issue ends with what appears to be a mighty armada about to do something. Given all that is “wrong” with the world now, there is great room for disaster and destruction. When you are done, you crave a look at issue three.

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