Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Review of "Division 13 Week 1," comic created by Randy Stradley

 Review of

Division 13 Week 1, comic created by Randy Stradley

Four out of five stars

Could be the start of something

 One task that I enjoy doing is finding a comic that is the first issue of a series. I then evaluate it for the completeness of the introduction of the characters and the story. Therefore, when I found this at the local used bookstore, I had to purchase it.

 There is a great deal packed into this issue, not all of which is completely explained. The main premise is that some humans contracted a strange infection called the Vortex. Some died from it while others were forever changed, somehow acquiring extraordinary abilities. Those considered dangerous to society are held in the highest security facility in the United States. Most of that facility was constructed by unknown agents and the areas where the unusual humans are held and studied is called Block Thirteen.

 The story opens when three of the unusual humans are trying to enter the complex and free one of their kind from their captivity. So far, the story is understandable. However, there is the introduction of a group of silver colored bipedal creatures that talk like religious zealots and are able to teleport into the complex. Once there, they begin vaporizing the human guards and parts of the structure.

 This episode ends with a cliffhanger where the three unusual humans manage to get away, apparently avoiding the silver colored creatures. While the reader does have their interest and curiosity piqued, it would have been helpful if there had been more explanation of how many humans were afflicted by the vortex, how many died and how many were transformed. One panel with these numbers would have done a great deal in bringing the reader up to speed. It would also been helpful to learn more about the silver creatures. For example, why are they so quick to destroy.

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