Thursday, December 10, 2020

Review of "Team Zero #4," written by Chuck Dixon

 Review of

Team Zero #4, written by Chuck Dixon

Five out of five stars

Based on a deadly race for technical spoils

The time is very late in World War II and the location is northern Germany. Since the Germans had demonstrated their significant superiority in rocket technology with their V2 bombs, the Allies are racing from the west while the Soviet Red Army is moving with all possible speed from the east. Their shared goal is to capture all the technical expertise they can, whether it be in structural parts, blueprints or in human form.

Team Zero is an elite unit that has moved into a village ahead of the Red Army and taken control over some of the rocket technicians. The advance units of the Soviet Army arrive shortly after and Team Zero leader Deathblow goes out to meet them. At first, the Red Army soldiers are rough with Deathblow, but when their commander arrives, he understands English and a somewhat amicable situation is established.

 Deathblow and the Soviet commander get to know each other and hint at their shared objective, although both know the other is lying. There is a woman and young girl among the Germans captured by Team Zero and some of the Soviet soldiers start the tentative steps of raping them. All falls apart very quickly, with the battle for the village and the rocket secrets now between the Americans and the Soviets.

 This is a good story because it is based somewhat on actual history. There was a race among the erstwhile allies to the German rocket bases so that the technology could be exploited. As history played out, the Soviet Union was the first nation to launch a satellite, and the first nation to put a human into space. From these facts, it is easy to determine which side won the race depicted in this comic.

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