Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Review of "The Official Marvel Index to the Avengers, #6"

 Review of

The Official Marvel Index to the Avengers, #6

Five out of five stars

Key data on issues #109 to #126, including giant-size Avengers #1

 As the title indicates, this issue contains information on several issues of the Avengers comic, specifically numbers 109 through 126. For most issues, there is the following information:

1) An image of the front cover.

2) Name(s) of the story or stories.

3) Credits

4) Feature characters.

5) Guest stars.

6) Villains.

7) Other characters.

8) Cameo appearances.

9) Special weapons and devices.

10) Origins and flashbacks.

11) Comments.

12) Synopsis.

Some of these categories do not apply to all stories.

 This comic is a swift and effective way to learn the basics about an issue of the Avengers series. While they vary a great deal in length, the synopsis’s always give a thorough explanation of the story. In all cases they will generate a desire in the reader to read the actual comic.

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