Saturday, December 26, 2020

Review of "Fantastic Four Unlimited, #9: The Gods Above, the Bugs Below"

 Review of

Fantastic Four Unlimited, #9: The Gods Above, the Bugs Below

Five out of five stars

Wild mutations lead to great danger for the FF and humanity

 With Reed Richards missing and possibly dead, Ant-Man has joined Ben Grimm, Sue Richards and Johnny Storm to keep the number of the group at 4. When a criminal group attacks a subway train that Johnny is riding on, Ben, Sue and Ant-Man answer Johnny’s call for help. The criminals were clever in that when Johnny is mashed into a pack of humanity, he cannot use even a fingerful of his flame power.

When one of the criminals flees down a tunnel, he is pursued by Ant-Man. Breaking into a strange chamber with unusual devices, the criminal shoots up some vats of chemicals that morphs Ant-Man into a powerful creature capable of transforming ants into large creatures while still controlling them. He is so powerful that even Grimm is bounced around.

 Some computer research is done, and the three members of the FF conclude that a former foe called the High Evolutionary may be involved. They follow the trail and inadvertently encounter the super-powered group called Godpack. After an initial misunderstanding, they join forces. Ant-man has been active in transforming ants into large creatures in pursuit of his goal of conquering the world. The battle is joined, and it is a hard and brutal one.

 This is a good story, the emotional background involving Johnny and Sue with some of their super-powered allies makes it better, not weaker. Having Sue Richards as the leader of the group is an improvement over the way she was portrayed in the early years of the FF.

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