Thursday, December 24, 2020

Review of "Kiss Exposed," DVD

 Review of

Kiss Exposed, DVD

Five out of five stars

They pioneered shock rock and elaborate stage shows

 Alice Cooper was in many ways the original shock rocker, but the rock band Kiss took the genre far beyond what Cooper ever did. Their makeup was more bizarre, costumes more elaborate and original and their stage shows were mammoth productions. They were loud, proud and drew young people to what could be described as mini-raves.

 As always seems the case when the musician’s on-stage behavior is wild, the quality of the Kiss lyrics and music is significantly underappreciated. The two continuous members of the band, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, are interviewed in this video. Like honest musicians everywhere, they credit those that have come before. Simmons has said. “ "I've ripped off so many English riffs, if the British influence wasn't there, we wouldn't be here.”

 This video is composed of videos of some of their live performances intermixed with interview footage at what is stated as the home of Paul Stanley. While the questions are clearly mostly scripted and there are many scantily clad women, there is a lot of honesty, with little hype or hyperbole in their answers.  The original copyright date is 1987 with the final one 2002. The two principals are still fairly young, so they come across as being in their prime rather than aging rockers in their final years of performing.

 While I listened to their music on the radio, I was never a fan of the group. After watching this video, I appreciate their work in defining not only a type of music, but also the wild and elaborate stage show. It is very interesting to see two talented musicians clowning a bit, yet with an underlying seriousness.

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