Thursday, December 17, 2020

Review of "No Easy Game," Terry Bradshaw with Charles Paul Conn

 Review of

No Easy Game, Terry Bradshaw with Charles Paul Conn ISBN 04250446611  

Three out of five stars

Absurd opening with outlandish religious references

 I was turned off when I read the second paragraph of the first chapter. The reference is to the catch that Franco Harris made against the Oakland Raiders in the playoffs. That paragraph is:

“It was a miracle, as surely  as David killed Goliath and Jehovah delivered the Hebrew children from the fiery furnace!”

Anyone that has watched sports for years is aware of odd and lucky bounces leading to last second victories. Yet, you do not hear Doug Flutie or Aaron Rodgers describing some of their more unusual touchdown throws as miracles on the order of those found in the Christian Bible. I understand that Bradshaw is a Christian, but one of the virtues of being a Christian is humility.

 The rest of the book does not rise to this level of exclamation, and it does not contain much exciting and interesting prose. Like Bradshaw when he is not playing or discussing football, it is rather dull. He is not a great conversationalist on topics other than football. That trait appears in this book, and at times Bradshaw engages in bouts of what is close to self-pity. It is one of the least interesting sports autobiographies that I have read.

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