Saturday, December 12, 2020

Review of "Youngblood #0," written by Rob Liefeld

 Review of

Youngblood #0, written by Rob Liefeld

Four out of five stars

 The premise of this comic series has been used before. A small band of genetically enhanced super warriors under the control of the U. S. government are dispatched to a location where a conventional war is being fought. Their role is to deter aggression by defeating the army of a hostile Middle Eastern nation. Given their powers, it is easy for them to wipe out the enemy forces.

However, their internal dynamics are such that the commander has little control over some of the team members, leading to unnecessary deaths and brutal fighting between the others. The original team is disbanded, and a new Youngblood team is constituted. The leader’s name is Shaft, and six other semi-humans make up the team, one of which is female.

 This issue basically covers little more than the breakdown of the old Youngblood team and the formation of the new. The reader is given only a rudimentary explanation of their skills, it is left to speculation and further issues to determine the level of unit cohesion. None of the team members have worked together before.

 There is the almost obligatory mention of the politicians and their wiles versus the action centric members of the Youngblood team. Yet, the reader is given enough to pique their interest so that they want to read future issues.

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