Friday, December 25, 2020

Review of "Twilight Run," by Tom Miller

 Review of

Twilight Run, by Tom Miller ISBN 9780970156655

Four out of five stars

Simple plot involving sports and not-too-bright criminals

 The girls’ cross-country team of Indian Bluffs, Iowa is a powerhouse that is expected to challenge for the state title. Jane Hardy is one of the stars of the team and considered perfect by her younger sister Beth. Another star is Lea Pahoa, a girl of Hawaiian descent. The state meet is just days away when Lea and her family fly to Hawaii in order to bury her grandfather. In normal circumstances, Lea would be back in time for the meet, but while they are there a volcano erupts. There are concerns that Lea will not get back in time for the meet.

 Enter the gang of simple-minded criminals. Jane and Beth’s mother teaches English at the high school and is the author of a YA novel. A local Children’s Festival is going to feature a very popular female author. Beth has been selected to be her aide during the festival. The criminals get the idea that they are going to kidnap the author and demand a ransom of a half-million.

 Unfortunately, from their perspective, they mistake Beth’s mother for the author and snatch both Beth and her mother. Not being too talented in the crime department, they make many mistakes. All of the problems are solved, and the entire Indian Bluffs team runs in the state finals with predictable results.

 Neither thread of the plot has any real depth and most of the action is easily predicted. It is a nice, easy read that will not keep you on the edge of your seat.

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