Friday, December 11, 2020

Review of "Explorers Reunion Volume 1 Number 1," written by Terry Collins

 Review of

Explorers Reunion Volume 1 Number 1, written by Terry Collins

Five out of five stars

Adventures on the Jonny Quest model

 This is the first issue of a storyline with new characters. Fundamentally, it is a group of five, the brilliant male scientist, his super soldier sidekick, his extremely intelligent son, a boy his age from another culture and their dynamic pet. In this case the super soldier is the wife of the scientist, the pet is a Stenonychosaurus,  and the other boy is Hispanic. They are the Hunt family. Father Doctor Alexander Hunt, Mother Anita Hunt, Stan the dinosaur, Trex the son and Chico the Hispanic boy.

 There is an appendix at the end that gives short descriptions of the main characters, including what is likely the main nemesis, a brilliant woman named Kimberly Wolcott that was Doctor Hunt’s former partner. This checks one of the main boxes that first issues need to do, give backgrounds on the main characters.

 The story moves quickly and involves an invasion by a powerful robot controlled  by Wolcott. When both parents are unable to mount an effective defense, it is the quick thinking by Trex that allows them to defeat the menace. It is a good story, after reading it you find yourself pulling for the small press that publishes it to succeed.

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