Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Review of "You’ve Come a Long Way, Snoopy," by Charles M. Schulz

 Review of

You’ve Come a Long Way, Snoopy, by Charles M. Schulz ISBN 0449203581

Five out of five stars

Philosophy and truth from the mouths of cartoons

 Much of the content of this book of cartoons can be summed up in the dialog of the last image of the first page. It is, “No book on psychology can be any good if one can understand it!” This thought can be applied to a great deal of professional writing. The usual cast of characters of the Peanuts comic strip are present and their problems are their normal ones.

 Charlie Brown’s baseball team is still losing all their games, sometimes for odd reasons. The relationships are all what they have been, yet the consistency is not boring. There is always enough variation to keep the strip interesting.

 In the Peanuts strip, the problems of youth that we all had are paramount. For most of us, the same issues, such as approaching a person of the opposite gender, remains throughout our entire life. Even though the characters have problems, reading a book like this always lifts your spirits.

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