Sunday, December 27, 2020

Review of "Silver Sable & The Wild Pack, Number 1" Tom DeFalco, editor-in-chief

 Review of

Silver Sable & The Wild Pack, Number 1 Tom DeFalco, editor-in-chief

Five out of five stars

BA female willing to take on Hydra all alone

 Silver Sable is the head of an organization of extremely talented mercenaries, none better than her. While her organization is for hire, they specialize in higher level action, for example they do not simply murder for money. Many of their clients are governments that want something done without leaving any virtual fingerprints.

 The story opens with Silver Sable battling a gang of men that includes the classic criminal Sandman. While the action is realistic, it is in reality an audition. None of her opponents pass this most rigorous of tests, yet they do remain at the facility. As a result of previous successes, Silver Sable has some very state of the art aircraft.

 When Hydra takes the girls at a school hostage for ransom and Silver Sable’s niece is one of the hostages, Silver Sable is informed. At first, she declines mounting a rescue mission, but she then takes off on a solo mission. Peter Parker happens to be in that location, so when she moves against Hydra, Spider-Man is there to assist. Not that she wants him there, in her opinion he is a hindrance. There is a quick battle that is not as stealthy as Silver Sable would like it to be, yet her side is victorious. Although her reaction to the assistance is not one of gratitude.

 This is a great introduction to a forceful female hero that has the moxie to tell Spider-Man to get lost, stating that she needs no help from the likes of him. Silver Sable is tough, physical and very smart. She is a true BA that is also full of nasty quips aimed at everyone else, even her niece.

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