Sunday, December 13, 2020

Review of "Die! Die! Die! #4," written by Robert Kirkman

 Review of

Die! Die! Die! #4, written by Robert Kirkman

Four out of five stars

 This is one of the most violent comics you will ever see. From the contents of the letters column, it is clear that this is a willful tactic on the part of the creators. The opening of the letters page is: “Is this our most violent issue yet? I count three pages where some mayhem or blood isn’t shed - - “ Blood flows and flies all over the place, even the interpersonal relationships involve bloodletting.

 The dialog in the first two images of the third page is: female character with a sword “It’s insulting you ever thought this would work. Which brother are you?” Followed by male character being threatened with a sword, “The one who’s going to kill you.” Followed by one of the bloodiest non-lethal fights you will ever see.

 One darkly amusing feature of this story is the special phrase that when spoken will cause people to suffer instantaneous explosive diarrhea to the point of death. Which would be a very effective in a fight to the death. The story bounces around a ruthless female senator, a two-man commando death squad, and an old man with owl glasses being tended by a group of beautiful, naked women.

 Action with red liquid splattering everywhere is the trademark of this story. If you enjoy this type of action, then you will love this comic. However, if you have limits to how much of this you are willing to tolerate, then those limits have likely been exceeded. There is very little in the way of positive expressions or emotions in these pages.

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