Saturday, December 12, 2020

Review of "G. I. Joe: A New Beginning, #0," written by Joe Casey

 Review of

G. I. Joe: A New Beginning, #0, written by Joe Casey

Four out of five stars

 While the super soldiers known collectively as the G. I. Joe team have largely been put on standby, Cobra is still active and there are cells to be hunted down and destroyed. That happens here, but as usual the G. I. Joe members wipe the Cobra operatives out with no damage to their forces. Typical of the genre, the Cobra forces are largely hapless in the face of the super soldiers.

 However, the real action takes place in Chicago, where a human made metallic object from space crashes into the city. The devastation is tremendous, causing the full G. I. Joe team to be activated and travel immediately from their base in Wyoming to the site of the crash. While some are quick to leap to the conclusion of foul play, others hold out the possibility that it was an accident. Although how such a large object could survive reentry into the atmosphere intact remains one of the scientifically questionable aspects.

 Yet, the storyline proceeds rather well and given that this is the first issue in the story, the background is well developed. At the end, the reader knows what has happened and there are hints as to the responsible party. If you can suspend the usual disbelief regarding some of the science and the super soldier invincibility, you will enjoy this comic.

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