Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Review of "Sky Wolf No. 1," comic

 Review of

Sky Wolf No. 1, comic

Five out of five stars

 The story opens with Wolfman in a bar fight with a brawny sailor in a bar in Tijuana, Mexico in 1954. He wins the fight but does not seem happy or gratified. After a page of this, the context shifts to Hollywood, California where Jack Gatling has just crashed a plane as a movie stunt. Unfortunately, he crashed it on the wrong airstrip. After these opening introductions, the two men meet in a small bar and compare failures.

 They meet up with an archeologist that has unearthed evidence of the location of twelve golden horses that were to be tribute from the people of the Red Valley to the Ming Dynasty of China in 1412. He recruits Wolfman and Gatling to accompany him to what is then French Indochina, where the French forces are battling with the Viet Minh for control of what is known as Vietnam.

 At first, the French military officials there are uncooperative, but eventually they agree to send a group of the French Foreign Legion to escort them to where the archeologist thinks the horses are. When the team of three meet the legionnaires, they discover that one of them is a former member of the German SS that was captured by the French and given the choice to join the Legion or be hanged.

 The team moves out in trucks but are ambushed by the Viet Minh where some are killed, and the trucks are destroyed. This forces the former enemies to join forces in order to stay alive and they move to the cave where the golden horses are located.

 The stage is very well set for the continuation of the tale. It is pleasing to see the setting is French Indochina of 1954, where the French are fighting and losing a colonial war to retain control. Including the fact that some ex-German SS soldiers did fight in the Legion is a great addition. The reader can learn a bit of history while reading this exaggerated adventure.

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