Saturday, December 19, 2020

Review of "Doc Savage The Discord Makers Part 3," by Denny O’Neil, Rod Whigham and Steve Montano

 Review of

Doc Savage The Discord Makers Part 3, by Denny O’Neil, Rod Whigham and Steve Montano

Five out of five stars

The original action hero, aged,  but still formidable

 The great one Stan Lee once said that Clark (Doc) Savage Jr. was the forerunner of all the superheroes. Unlike most that have extraordinary powers, while Doc was powerful, incredibly knowledgeable and adept at righting the wrongs of the world, he was human. His skills were acquired and maintained by very hard work. The paperback books describing his adventures often feature his daily regimen of activities designed to maintain his skills.

 In this comic, Doc is a grandfather, flying in a helicopter over mountains with his grandson Chip and a woman named Shoshanna and have an encounter with a mysterious flying vessel. Chip falls out of the helicopter and instead of being a red spot in the snow, he falls to a soft landing. Doc and Shoshanna follow him down and the mysterious ship crashes. Puzzled by the structure of the mysterious ship, Doc calls his old gang back into action, all but Long Tom answer the call.

 Right before the call, Monk is in a bar getting thoroughly soused and he has to be pulled out by Ham. Monk is now a bald old man with doubts about the man that used to be his hero, a godlike figure. Shoshanna has some form of mysterious powers and she dreams that the ship was on the moon.

 There is a parallel thread taking place in Russia where there is an investigation of a submarine disaster. It appears that a high level Russian officer deliberately sabotaged the sub. At the end, those threads come together to create the ending cliffhanger.

 As someone that has read most of the Doc Savage paperbacks, it was good to see the original hero back in action. The best scenes are with Monk and Ham where they reassess their roles in the original Doc Savage gang of crime fighters. Ham sums it all up in putting Doc Savage where he belongs, as a human with the ability to succeed and make mistakes. Very much a modern hero.

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