Saturday, December 26, 2020

Review of "Kill or Be Killed, number 6" comic by Ed Brubaker et. al.

 Review of

Kill or Be Killed, number 6 comic by Ed Brubaker et. al.

Five out of five stars

 The basic premise of a college student (Dylan) that is also a superb killer as well as a user of mild drugs is an intriguing one. His signature killing weapon is a .38, but in the opening scene he has a shortened shotgun and is fending off two police officers. Rather than killing them, he blasts the door and claims to have a bomb. This buys him the time to escape out the back window, quickly drop the red bandana from his face and hail a taxi. Yet, the hint is dropped that his mode of escape will create a problem in the future.

 Focus then shifts to a female police officer that is obsessing over the string of murders where really bad men are being killed. She brings her beliefs to the men above her in the hierarchy, but they tell her to get over herself and to stick to the cases to which she had been assigned. Not to be denied, she drops a leak to a reporter to generate publicity and possibly a break.

 After his most recent murder, Dylan does what male college students often do when stressed, they call a lady friend that will hopefully be accommodating. After his lengthy tryst, he reads the story about the murders and possible vigilante killer in the New York Daily News. The segue into the next issue is the captions where others are reading the same story.

 The story is great, the two threads of the killer and the police officer stalking him are both well developed. A complex cliffhanger involving many different people with different agendas is set up, creating an anticipatory set for the next issue.

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