Friday, December 18, 2020

Review of "House of M, #1 of 8"

 Review of

House of M, #1 of 8

Five out of five stars

 In many ways, the first issue of a limited series largely determines whether the overall story will be a success. It must establish a significant and understandable context for the story as well as develop an interest in the reader to read subsequent issues. All of that is done here.

 The premise is a strong one. Wanda Maximoff, known as the character Scarlet Witch, is descending into a form of mental illness. Her powers are so great that she is capable of altering the reality around her. To this point in time, Professor Xavier has been able to use his mental powers to keep her in check, but there is the real danger that he will lose that ability and she will spin out of control with extremely dangerous consequences.

 The Professor calls a meeting of the X-Men and the old Avengers to discuss a horrific action, namely should they consider killing Wanda before she does massive damage to the world. Quite naturally, there is some major difference of opinion, with strong statements being made by the heroes.

 It is a great story and in the best traditions of the serial comic story, it ends with an incongruous ending that may be explainable, but that explanation may be a bad one.

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