Sunday, November 29, 2020

Review of "The Luna Brothers Girls #2," by Joshua and Jonathan Luna

 Review of

The Luna Brothers Girls #2, by Joshua and Jonathan Luna

Five out of five stars

Strange to say the least

 While this is the second issue of this series so there is some lack of already established context, there is enough to determine that this is an unusual story. It opens with four teens, two male and two female, hanging out in a small room. The father of the one whose room it is comes in and starts talking about some kind of miracle sound, only to be very rudely told to get out.

 There is then a dramatic switch to a residence where a male (Ethan) is with a female clad only in a robe. He found her naked and brought her back to his place. She is hungry and speaks only in noises and short sentences. When she utters a disturbing phrase, he decides that he needs help of a much higher pay grade than his.

 The action involves a law enforcement officer, some backwoods weirdos, some friends of Ethan’s and an ending that piles even more of the bizarre into the story. This comic does what all such comics in a sequence do. They induce a strong desire to read all previous and subsequent issues in the storyline.

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