Friday, November 27, 2020

Review of "William Shatner’s Tekworld Plague?, number 15," written by Ron Goulart

 Review of

William Shatner’s Tekworld Plague?, number 15, written by Ron Goulart

Three out of five stars

Another installment in the Tekworld saga

 I have read a few of the novels in the Tekworld series where the basic scenario was created by William Shatner, and ghost written by Ron Goulart. While they are reasonably entertaining, I characterized them as “material you read to tuck your mind into bed at night.” In other words, engaging enough to keep you interested, but not so much that it has the power to turn you into an insomniac.

 This comic is derived from those Tekworld novels, where the powerful drug called “Tek,” it is in the form of a mind-altering microchip, and is illegal but creating incredible wealth. Jake Cardigan is a former police officer that was once framed for dealing in Tek but was exonerated and is now working for a private investigating agency called Cosmos. In this episode, people are becoming incredibly sick from an unknown disease and there is the belief that the Tek lords are involved.

Cardigan and his partner Gomez split up and each of them becomes reluctantly entangled with a female sidekick. Cardigan’s situation is complicated because the mother of his son is hospitalized with an extremely serious case. His son blames him for the problems, even though Cardigan can prove that he was not at fault.

 The action is involved and a bit formulaic. At first each of the partners tries to dissuade their female sidekicks from being involved, but that attempt is half-hearted and is easily seen to be a waste of effort. The reader knows very early which piece of furniture each pair will soon be involved with.

 The plot uses the old standby of a secret government project that somehow either went awry or was stolen for profit. That path has been used many times and not very well here.  This comic is lightly entertaining, but there no real depth to the story. Yet, you read it because it is strong enough to keep you to the end.

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